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Adam Kwasman on the Issues


Adam Kwasman is a Constitutional conservative Republican. He believes in limited government, free enterprise and traditional values. By securing the God-given blessings of liberty, our nation can embody its heritage of American Exceptionalism. Ethical, steady, and conservative leadership is necessary to continue to make Arizona the best place to live and raise a family.



Adam completely supports President Trump and his agenda to Keep America Great. President Trump is the most conservative president of our lifetime with his record of tax cuts, deregulation, constitutional judicial nominations, support for the American worker, strong foreign policy, and unwavering support for Israel. President Trump deserves strong support from the Arizona Senate.

In 2016 Adam was a strong supporter of Ted Cruz's campaign for President and was very outspoken about his doubts of Donald Trump's promises. Needless to say, Donald Trump has proven to be the most conservative president of our lifetime. Two weeks after the election, Adam authored "Trump's Road to Rushmore" at the Resurgent, a national political publication. Adam's prediction of the extent of the president's great accomplishments have largely come to pass, and Adam and his wife Orit are actively assisting the Trump 2020 campaign and are all-in to help re-elect our president. 



The free enterprise system is the best path to prosperity. In his service in the Legislature, Adam Kwasman was named a “Hero of the Taxpayer” by Americans for Prosperity and a “Guardian of Small Business” by the National Federation of Independent Business. By limiting government, individuals in the private sector may go as far as their God-given talents will allow. By unleashing the boundless opportunity of free market capitalism, the life of every Arizonan can become better. This is achieved by dramatically reducing tax burdens on families, reducing regulatory burdens, and creating a fair playing field where individuals are not pitted against cronyist political operations. We must stamp out socialism from wherever it creeps.



The second amendment is the Constitutional liberty that protects all other Constitutional liberties. Adam is a lifetime member of the NRA and tirelessly fought for gun owners in the legislature. Continuing to preserve our Second Amendment rights should be a goal for every state senator. Adam is an avid firearm enthusiast, and he enjoys hunting and target shooting with friends and family.



Adam believes in an all-of-the-above approach to education in order to make Arizona the best place to raise a family, including supporting our public, charter, and homeschool options. School choice is the civil rights issue of our time, and Adam Kwasman, who is a homeschool parent himself, has been fighting to expand educational choice for parents inside and outside of the Legislature. Education is best provided when it’s as close to the parents and farthest away from Washington bureaucrats as possible. That’s why Adam supports fully funding our Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, as well as our top-ranked public and charter schools.



Adam is 100% pro-life, and he has an excellent record of defending life and our constitutionally-protected religious liberties. By protecting the most vulnerable among us and by defending our First Amendment right to religious liberty, we make all of the other facets of a free society possible. For his work to protect the family, Adam was named “Friend of the Family” by the Arizona Family Project.



Enforcing the rule of law and protecting our citizens is the fundamental obligation of State government. Prior to President Trump’s administration, the federal government had failed to meet its end of the bargain in securing our southern border. We must do whatever can be done to help Trump finish the wall and end illegal immigration. Adam has fought tirelessly in partnering with state and local law enforcement to protect our families and will continue to do so in the State Senate. By enforcing the rule of law, our streets are safer from those who threaten us. Adam fully supports our law enforcement, and he will continue to fight for them in the State Senate.